We nursed an ailing hospital back to health.


UK Healthcare

UK HealthCare is an Academic Medical Center located on the campus of the University of Kentucky. Despite leading-edge technology and major medical breakthroughs, UK HealthCare was suffering from a perception problem. In August 2015, UKHC sought to reinvent their brand to raise their local profile and enhance its regional ranking. Like a pair of high-voltage paddles, our “Power of Advanced Medicine” campaign jumpstarted this dying brand in an all too formulaic category. Clear!

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University of Kentucky Healthcare advertising
University of Kentucky Healthcare advertising

The rebranding effort needed to drive engagement with the people of Eastern Kentucky and the surrounding region during all phases of their decision journey. The campaign needed to connect with people imminently searching for a hospital as well as people considering a hospital for future procedures. Additionally, the campaign needed to appeal to the broader regional medical community to help recruit top medical specialists to Lexington.



To reposition the hospital system by highlighting UK HealthCare’s ability to deliver the highest quality care through the power of advanced medicine.

After a complete and thorough strategic brand assessment, “The Power of” campaign was launched to much success.

A bold and sophisticated anthemic launch spot was created. Accompanying print, radio, OOH, and digital offerings were simultaneously initiated. To track the success of the campaign, the hospital website was re-skinned to correspond with the new campaign and a unique landing page was created as a funnel for digital traffic.



The campaign launched with an anthemic television spot consisting of small vignettes highlighting different aspects of the hospital’s breakthrough work. The commercial was shot in a way that could be cut down into singular 15-second spots in order to maximize exposure using smaller media buys.



Synergistic print was used in magazines and newspapers across Kentucky. We consistently told stories of the incredible breakthrough work being conducted at UK Healthcare. Those stories, told within an interesting campaign, dramatically shifted perceptions of the hospital.


Outdoor advertising

Out-of-home advertising also served to work in conjunction with the television, print, radio and social.


Social ads

Facebook posts were primarily used to further boost engagement and facilitate discussion.


Radio ads

The campaign also featured targeted radio spots on Spotify.



  • Impressive year-over-year increases in overall web visits and solid engagement with campaign landing page (just under 40,000 users)
  • 39,820 sessions from 37,915 unique users visited the campaign landing page
  • Total site visits increased by 23%, unique visits by 26%. New visits increased by 31%
  • Sessions on mobile devices increased 44%, tablet sessions nearly 28% and desktop sessions 8%