What’s in a name?

A memorable name can set you apart from your competitors. Conversely, with a predictable, commonplace name, you’ll undoubtedly get overlooked. The naming of an organization is an important first step towards planting your flag and staking your claim – with confidence.

A successful name is one that your organization embraces, adopts and shouts proudly. More importantly, a great name is one that your customers speak fluently and with admiration. Splendor has a long history of helping companies find that perfect moniker that fits their mission, tone and vibe.


The perfect tagline makes your point as quickly as possible.

Never have so few words been so important.

Without even seeing a logo or reading the company name, strong taglines instantly define brands. It’s arguably the most important small sentence a brand can have.

We’ve written memorable and strategic taglines for dozens of brands that serve to help separate and differentiate their respective companies in the minds of consumers.

Just do it.
I’m lovin’ it.
Taste the rainbow.
What’s in your wallet?