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Advanced Training Athletic Club

ATAC is a revolutionary fitness app for competitive athletes. Splendor was approached to take this concept literally from idea to reality. From naming the business, to logo and identity design, to narrative, story, and brand strategy, Splendor created a solid foundation to help launch the business. From there, our team conducted a one week discovery and the planning session, after which we designed and developed a Progressive Web App (PWA). And as we approach launch, we created an award-winning communications suite which included presentation materials for investors, an all new, custom website design, multiple video initiatives, digital marketing and advertising, exhibit and event materials, and a social media campaign. ATAC is poised to make a major splash in the fitness technology industry, and we are thrilled to have been a part of it.


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ATAC Social Media
ATAC Social Media
ATAC Social Media
ATAC Social Media
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ATAC video production
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Setting the stage for the entire visual scheme.

Creating a name, brand strategy, and logo design for a new technology startup requires careful planning. Splendor started by diving in to understand the vision, mission, and target audience of the product. We conducted market research to identify industry trends and competitors, then crafted a unique and memorable name that aligns with the startup’s values. We coined the name “Advanced Training Athletic Club,” from which the acronym ATAC was born. From there we developed a brand strategy that highlights ATAC’s unique selling points. From there, a visually striking logo established a cohesive visual identity. We implemented the finalized brand identity across all channels.



An award-winning web design.

While ATAC is a native mobile app for iPhones and Androids, there was still a need for a smart and elegant website to house all of the primary marketing and education materials for the company. The marketing efforts and specifically social media management drove users largely to the app stores, but prospects often visited the custom website we created in order to learn about the system, the app, and the people behind the technology. This custom website design won multiple awards in multiple categories, and is the perfect complement to the design and aesthetic of the brand as a whole.


Driving engagement and conversions.

Splendor’s social media management for this startup brand has been exceptional. We thoroughly understood the ATAC’s goals and target audience, and crafted a compelling content plan. Our consistent branding across platforms, along with captivating content, generated meaningful engagement. As we progressed, we monitored channels and optimized the strategy based on performance metrics. Our attention to detail and creative execution resulted in a thriving social media presence, fueling the startup brand’s growth and success.



Creating a best-in-class mobile app.

The ATAC mobile app is one of the world’s best and most comprehensive fitness apps on the market. The company’s CEO and Founder conceptualized and wrote extensive algorithms to evaluate users’ unique goals, needs, and the appropriate activities to enable them to work towards and achieve real-world objectives. Splendor worked to create the app, along with a dedicated team of amazing developers, and put ATAC on a path to success.



A mind-blowing hero video.

Splendor’s scripted, story-boarded, produced, directed and edited a sensational hero video spot for ATAC to launch version 1.0 of the app. The video features 6x World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs, who flew in for an intense three-day shoot. Splendor rented a 50,000 sf. warehouse in Brooklyn, NY, and brought on a crew of over 50 people to the set of this amazing production. This custom video production won multiple awards and was a smashing success for the launch of ATAC.