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Hill Wallack, LLP is a growing, prominent law firm headquartered in Princeton, NJ. The firm sought Splendor to rebrand the 80 attorney business, and to provide a vast array of creative design work, digital marketing and traditional marketing, and social media marketing. With a new logo design, new brand strategy, revamped website, and an ongoing ensemble of high level graphic design for a multitude of materials, Splendor’s work for this law firm has resulted in a boost in visibility, brand affinity, and overall presence in the market.

Social Media
Digital Graphics
Print Collateral
Website Design
Trade Show Booth
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Legal Firm Branding
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Branding and ReBranding

Splendor has been an integral partner to Hill Wallack, shaping its visual identity and market presence over the years. With a keen eye for design and strategic insight, Splendor has led Hill Wallack through successful branding and rebranding initiatives, ensuring that their image aligns with their evolving goals and values

Marketing & Social Media

In the realm of digital engagement, Splendor has elevated Hill Wallack’s online presence through creative marketing strategies and compelling social media content. From crafting captivating graphics to developing targeted campaigns, Splendor has helped Hill Wallack effectively connect with their audience, driving engagement and fostering meaningful interactions.

Print Collateral Development

In the realm of tangible marketing materials, Splendor has demonstrated its prowess in creating captivating print collateral for Hill Wallack. From brochures to flyers, each piece is meticulously crafted to convey the firm’s professionalism and expertise, leaving a lasting impression on clients and prospects alike.

Trade Show Booth Materials

More recently, Splendor has extended its expertise to the realm of trade show marketing, collaborating with Hill Wallack to create visually striking booth materials. From eye-catching backdrops to sleek retractable banners, Splendor has ensured that Hill Wallack stands out amidst the crowd, attracting attention and sparking conversations at industry events.