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(to the top of the SERPs)
Within an SEO campaign, we deploy a complex, technical formula of methods and tactics to optimize your website’s structure and boost your position and rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). We follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and best practices and SEO techniques to ensure that your website is as search engine friendly as possible.
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Splendor has been ROCKING search engine optimization since the early 2000s. We've got you covered.

Your website needs traffic! SEO can improve your position in the search engine results pages (SERPs) to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website that arrives via search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) And because over 91% of search engine traffic goes to results on page one, you’re either first page, or you’re nowhere.

What good is a gorgeous and functional website that no one sees?

our SEO approach includes the following best practices:


Keyword Research

Before we begin any SEO campaign, we need to know what keywords and phrases are common in your industry. We then look to see which of these are the most popular, which have the highest search volume, and which have the highest number of results. If people don’t frequently search for a particular term, it’s worthless. If a term is too broad, or has too many results listings, achieving a top position in the search engine results pages (SERPs) may be extremely difficult. We help you form the optimal keyword list.


Meta Data

Your pages’ titles and meta descriptions have a large impact not only on search engine visibility but also on the likelihood that a human user will click on your listing when it appears. These elements appear in the SERPs to actual users, so they need to be clear and sensible. The page title itself is arguably the single most important on-page SEO element at your disposal. We optimize your meta-data for maximum results.


Search-Friendly Page Code

Our web pages utilize modern, standards-compliant HTML code. We make sure your pages include:

  • Images with alternative text descriptions
  • Page content that is keyword-rich
    (but avoids keyword stuffing)
  • Page titles (H1, H2, etc) that are keyword-rich
    and easy to understand
  • Optimized link structure and easy access to all pages


Search Engine Submission

Some search engines accept new website submissions freely. Others may require a fee. Regular submissions of your website’s XML site map make it easy for the search engine bots to peruse your website pages and content, and then report back to the mother ship for indexing, evaluation, and ranking.

*As a general rule of thumb, the more frequently a site’s content is updated, the more frequently it earns a visit by search engine bots.


Backlink Building

Incoming links to your website are an important factor affecting your search engine rank. A link to your website from a reputable outside source is considered by Google to be a vote in your favor. The impact of backlinks on your site’s SERP ranking can be huge. However, acquiring inbound links is a long-term, time-consuming task, and the links must be earned (not bought) from credible sources. There are no shortcuts! Splendor can effectively manage your incoming links.


Monitoring & Improvements

Establishing a good foundation for the website is just the beginning. Once the groundwork has been laid, our ongoing SEO programs include a watchdog service to safeguard against broken links and page crawl errors. We continuously monitoring Google Search Console and Google Analytics and make adjustments as needed. In addition, we recommend regular content updates and additions, to show search engines and your visitors that your website is a living, breathing part of your business’ ecosystem.

SEO results

Any firm that guarantees a #1 rank on Google is lying. While there are widely-held best practices, the truth is, SEO is a moving target. Methods, practices, and tools for optimizing and ranking websites in search engines are constantly changing. There is no standard set of SEO criteria, and certainly no shortcuts.

But with the right team behind your website, your visibility and traffic can increase noticeably. Splendor operates with a very unique advantage: we understand the importance of an elegant and effective visual layout for your website, but we are able to maintain design integrity while also employing the important search engine friendly practices necessary for optimal search engine results.

There is much more to marketing your website than strictly on-page SEO techniques.

analytics, tracking, & monitoring

Watch, monitor, adjust.

Today’s website analytics provide an enormous amount of valuable data that can drive, shape, and greatly improve your online presence. By establishing goals, tracking conversions, and measuring and interpreting website visits and behaviors, we are able to guide our marketing efforts to ensure you are capitalizing on every opportunity and getting the greatest return on your investment (ROI).

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