Digital Marketing Agency in NJ

If your target is out there, we’ll find them.
The very specific demographics and granular level of precision targeting that are possible through digital marketing today is nothing short of incredible. Splendor is New Jersey’s top digital marketing agency, and we can identify exactly whom you wish to target – from age to geography to profession, all the way down to personal interests and habits.

Whether it’s digital banners, social ads, or paid search, Splendor will formulate and implement an effective digital marketing strategy across multiple channels to reach your target customers, spur web traffic, and engage those who are searching for your products and services.


Advertising your business within search engine results can rocket you to the top.

Google AdWords focuses on clickable ads and keywords. Splendor’s team is comprised of savvy marketers that know the right phrases and search items that will make your Google Ad campaign extremely effective. With a solid program in place, we can increase your leads, calls, sales, and targeted traffic to your website.


Ever feel like you’re being digitally stalked by an ad?

Unlike typical online banner ads, retargeting ads are activated once a visitor views your site, clicks your ad, or visits your social network profile. This form of online advertising works very well in re-engaging visitors once they’ve made contact. The repeat impressions retargeting ads create can influence visitors and help convert to a lead, inquiry, or sale. Based on competitive analysis, keyword research, and historical data, we can formulate and implement an effective retargeting advertising program to reach your target customers, attract web traffic, and engage.


Reaching industry targets through online ads.

By identifying news outlets and publishing platforms within your desired categories, and combining relevant and gorgeous visuals and copy, we’ll drive your message home and increase your company’s visibility to your target demographic.


target online ads


Ads that stop user scrolling.

Facebook and Instagram’s user-base is growing by the minute. To capitalize on this and reach this captive audience, you’ll need disruptive ads that break through the noise and stand out on the social feeds. Through high-impact ad visuals and clever language that sticks, we’ll prepare you for maximum exposure. Our ad specialists evaluate keywords and build campaigns that resonate with your target audiences’ interests, behaviors, geography, demographics, and online activity.


The most direct path to build valuable B2B relationships.

LinkedIn is the mecca for networking online in the B2B space. Professionals congregate to talk shop, share news and connect. Those in the job market use it to explore new candidates and opportunities. LinkedIn advertising can be effective to fast-track you to the right individuals at the right time. Whether we’re creating a new ad campaign from scratch or boosting existing well-performing posts, we have the tools, approach, and game plan to position you to build the relationships you’re seeking.