Content Development & Content Marketing

Content is king – and we’re kingmakers.

In today’s digital environment, content is everything. Splendor’s team of creatives and designers work in unison to create online materials including videos, blogs, posts and more. We connect your brand with the right audience so your business can increase awareness, build relationships, earn trust and build brand affinity — all of which will help retain and recruit customers.

Splendor develops content marketing programs that drive traffic to your website and boost visibility for your brand. We create compelling stories, publish valuable information to educate your audience, and usher them through their decision-making and buying processes. And it works, earning engagement, loyalty, and conversion to sales. Powerful stuff.


Effective content marketing requires intelligence. It requires industry research. It requires thoughtful, accurate message & copy development. It requires keyword research, SEO metadata, and strategy. And none of that means anything if your viewer doesn’t like what they see.

So, of course, content marketing requires solid design. Sound complicated? It is. But Splendor’s team is comprised of versatile and highly-skilled experts with a passion to get you out there.

Content marketing brings traffic to your doorstep by creating and publishing valuable content that attracts qualified, serious prospects. But only if it's done correctly.


Video engagement is second to none.

Splendor’s award winning writers and producers create video content for all types of marketing initiatives. From simple social animations to full-scale, multi-camera shoots, When we’re behind the camera, the result is engagement – pure and simple. And that’s what content marketing is all about. Video should be a priority in every single content marketing program.


Blogging and site updates keep you active and healthy.

Well researched, timely and compelling articles are a great way to engage audiences and position your firm as a leader. Our educated, expert writers spend time in our clients’ industries to learn what’s important to your customers. Search engines and human visitors alike prefer websites that are active and updated regularly, and your blog is the perfect vehicle.


Case studies and testimonials that showcase your solutions.

Client stories, case studies, and customer testimonials are extremely powerful, authentic accounts that can have a significant impact on prospects. We craft meaningful case studies and customer stories that highlight the real-world problems your clients face, and – importantly – the expert solutions you offered to solve them. In doing so Splendor positions you as the hero, and enables your prospects to envision a path forward to success, should they choose to work with you.


Infographics make data more exciting and digestible.

As design snobs, Splendor enhances your statistics, metrics and hard data through the use of high-impact visual representations in the form of infographics. Infographics make great shareable content and engage users 3x more than plain text copy. If you’re looking for eye-candy in your content, our infographics are sweet.


Resource guides that are easy to access, share and highlight your capabilities and expertise.

Resource Guides, Top Ten Lists, Did You Knows, etc. are all examples of documents that explain – through strategic messaging and graphics – what customers need to know. Splendor designs and created long-form resource documents, embedded with expert knowledge and insight, that are downloadable, shareable, and position you as a thought leader.


Reach new heights with captivating press releases.

When your story breaks, news and media outlets need to know. The massive sea of online journalists and publishers are hungry for content. Splendor creates professionally-written press releases that create interest among publishers. Even a dry story can be positioned creatively to entice journalists and readers. And once we distribute these pieces, they can get re-published, shared and repurposed over time, garnering you a ton of branding value over the long term.

Content Marketing makes you searchable, knowledgable, and likable.

The more content that you create, the more potential you have to be found – and then reviewed and talked about. Content marketing is embodied through both digital and traditional marketing. Traditional content such as press releases and PR can reach a wide net of people and has been proven to work, despite today’s big digital push. Web publishing such as blogging and case studies, resource guides, and infographics are all very informative and engaging. The ideal content marketing program is a balanced blend of traditional and digital tactics. To top it off, video is the most viewed type of asset on the internet, so we often turn case studies and resource guides into video shorts.


Custom content comes in all different shapes, sizes, mediums, and platforms.

Customer-centric content helps attract qualified prospects to your website by answering the questions they are already asking, by addressing issues they want to resolve and connecting your solutions to real-world challenges they are currently facing.