Inspiring creative for a legendary client.


Russo Development

Russo’s real estate development work inspires community, collaboration, and partnership among stakeholders, residents, and internally with employees. Splendor developed a new brand position, We Build Inspiration to capture Russo’s unique and innovative spirit. We also created a stunning new custom website that brought this powerful new position to life. Along with a new website, we expressed this powerful branding with an eye catching video showcasing past and future properties using drone and 3D architectural animation. Our creative work expanded into various design and collateral pieces as we help this client build and grow.


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Brand Positioning:

Splendor has been an invaluable partner to Russo Development, shaping and refining their brand position to accurately reflect their values and vision. With a deep understanding of Russo Development’s identity, Splendor has crafted a narrative that resonates with stakeholders and potential clients alike, effectively communicating the company’s unique strengths and offerings.

Website Development:

Recognizing the need for a digital presence that truly reflects Russo Development’s stature and capabilities, Splendor embarked on the task of revamping their website. Understanding that the initial website fell short of capturing the full scope of Russo Development’s operations, Splendor set out to create a new online platform that would serve as a fitting showcase for their portfolio and expertise.

Integration of Brand Position:

One of the key challenges was to seamlessly integrate Russo Development’s new brand position into the redesigned website. Splendor approached this task with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the website—from its visual elements to its messaging—aligned with the company’s updated identity. The result is a cohesive and visually stunning website that effectively communicates Russo Development’s identity and value proposition to visitors.