Press Releases and PR

We’ll help make your brand newsworthy.
Splendor’s expertly crafted press releases and intelligent, strategic approach to media and PR are a tremendous advantage for those who leverage them. Our team of engagement experts and copywriters have a distinct knack for storytelling and attracting readers, publishers and customers.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? When you scroll through social media, read an article in a magazine, or listen to the radio or Spotify, the ads are invasive, and we yearn for the actual content we came looking for. So if that content is around your business, imagine the credibility that would come attached. That’s the power of earned media.

An earned story is worth about a zillion times more than an ad.

Earned coverage via PR will further your message and reach.

Better messaging leads to better reach.

Done poorly, traditional paid advertising forces your message on an audience whether there is interest or not. This usually alienates customers. Done correctly, your message will engage, entertain and inform. Building brand affinity is a huge differentiator. Splendor’s creative not only cuts through, but it also creates newsworthy stories and reaches even further to audiences who may or may not have seen your brand’s message. Brands need to stop disrupting the conversation and start being a part of it.

The quality of your content matters.

This is true in all aspects of marketing, and PR is no exception. From the publication to the writer to the story concept to the comprehension and understanding of your service and industry, we serve as your advocate to ensure the coverage you earn and exposure you garner is positive and accurate.

The PR and earned media ecosystem


Identify and Pitch Stories

Splendor creates and pitches compelling story angles to journalists and publishers, online and offline. Through our investigation and deep understanding of your industry and your products and services, we identify opportunities that garner interest and coverage in the media which accelerate client success.


Position Spokespeople

Along with story angles, we can pitch your company spokespeople as though leaders and industry experts. When an individual or team is positioned as the authority on a subject, that expertise can be called upon for commentary. This type of citation is extremely powerful in its impact on your target audience.


Events & Speaking Engagements

With clearly defined messaging and supporting content and assets, we identify relevant events where your spokespeople can speak and present. Such opportunities can be narrowly focused and highly effective at connecting you to your desired market, and further, reinforce your position and strengthen your brand.


Award Opportunities

Further expanding upon the capabilities of your organization and expertise of your leadership, Splendor can identify opportunities for the business to earn awards in recognition for excellence and achievement. Whether industry-specific or business community-oriented, this type of recognition strengthens your position.

When executed in conjunction with additional, holistic marketing efforts, PR will have an enormous impact. The end result is a successful combination of converged media, where paid, earned, shared and owned media all work in harmony to achieve exponentially greater success.

Drive traffic and generate leads with a program tailored to your needs.

our efforts have earned coverage in:

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