Add some whooosh to your marketing mix.
Email marketing can distribute important news and updates, as well as inform leads and prospects. We implement solid design and effective marketing language so your email marketing campaign will yield serious results.

Email marketing is an effective, direct messaging effort that can be created to communicate your products and services to a very specific targeted audience. When done correctly, email can greatly reinforce marketing, sales, and communication efforts.

Splendor consults with clients to identify markets and opportunities as the foundation of the campaign. We then craft targeted email messages, and combine this compelling content with our high-level visual design. The result is email that gets opened, and drives customer behavior.

Top level strategy, content, creative, and management of email campaigns – that deliver results.
email marketing services for cre liquor healthcare construction engineering solar and education.



Planning & Strategy

As with all of our marketing services, starting with identifying goals, objectives, and a well-defined audience allows us to plan for success. We can outline content subjects and messaging that will help shape your success.


Content Creation

With a clear plan in place, we create engaging, relevant messaging and language that resonates with your customers. From personalized messages to corporate news and press, we ensure your content is on target.


Creative & Design

In all that we do, image matters, and that is certainly true for email marketing. While adhering to industry best practices, we incorporate your brand standards with imagery to create an email that works.


Technical Optimization

Email marketing requires technical knowledge and expertise to optimize messages and ensure they are delivered, opened and clicked. From image-to-text ratios to responsive coding, the behind the scenes code can have a significant impact.


List Management

Your mailing list is comprised of subscribers who have expressed interest in your organization. We segment this list into groups based on interests, based on industry, and based on previous behavior, all to help drive engagement.


Reporting & Analysis

We track every asset in an email, including images and links, to inform and identify which efforts and elements earn the greatest response. We can then adjust the effort based on real data to improve results.

We avoid unopened, deleted emails

Email subjects that standout in the inbox.

A high email open rate in today’s “heavy inbox age” is no small task. Our secret sauce? Clever and disruptive subject lines that demand attention. From concept to content through execution and analysis, Splendor has a proven track record of effective email marketing campaigns that resonate with our clients’ customers and prospects in relevant and meaningful ways.