Hosting & Maintenance

If you’re not keeping up, you’ll get taken down.
Like your iPhone, tablet, or desktop computer, almost every piece of technology runs on software. And most software requires periodic maintenance to minimize exposure and vulnerability to hackers and spammers. Modern websites are no exception, and the popularity of WordPress has made it a big target.
It is important to continually update WordPress (and all software) as new versions are released. As bugs and security gaps are identified, these updates close the gaps and ensure your site is current, up to date, and secure. The same is true for plugins and extensions that extend and enhance the functionality of your site.


The majority of our clients are on a website tech support & monthly maintenance plan. This is a great way to make sure that your site stays secure, up to date and functional.

Having an expert tech team on your side means we’ll keep you operational. Technology evolves at a rapid pace, so it’s crucial to be prepared for just about anything. Software that works today may not work tomorrow – regardless of how secure it may seem.

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Our ongoing process keeps you online.

Under our maintenance plans, we perform remote-stored backups of your website files and database. We login to your hosting account and website each month, run all available updates, fix anything that breaks in the process and then re-backup the website as needed.

As issues emerge, our goal it to stay one step ahead. This service is not required, and some clients elect to run these updates themselves. But, our preventative maintenance can save you from serious headaches in the future.

Website Hosting

Your hosting needs TLC, too.

For businesses without an IT department or those who don’t want the burden of yet another piece of tech to manage, we can configure and manage web site hosting on your behalf. We are platform and provider agnostic. We choose hosting providers based on client needs first, and strategize and formulate solutions based on individual requirements.

Our preferred hosting providers offer great support, robust hosting environments & multiple storage options.

We will also have access to management tools that allow us to keep your site up to date, fast performing, secure and accessible. From low cost shared hosting environments to process-heavy dedicated servers. We can make sure we find your best fit.

Additional monthly services
  • Remote Backups
  • Server Administration
  • DNS Management
  • DDoS Protection
  • Firewall
  • Malware Scanning and Removal