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Sensient Food Colors

A relative feast for the eyes, the Sensient and Splendor partnership has given way to an abundance of eye-catching and award-winning work. Our initial assignment was to apply our creative and design chops to the client’s all important global blogs. Each individual post is a veritable microsite, rich with insights, thought leadership and, of course, best-in-category design. We ensured the brand look and feel are consistently aligned across global markets, including North America, Latin America, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, China and Asia-Pacific.

We’ve been adding colorful support across their marketing spectrum ever since. From branding their best-in-class food colorant safety program, Certasure, to video creation, content production to year-end sustainability report design, Splendor is providing this world-class company with the world-class creative it deserves.

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Branding agency in New Jersey and Florida

Splendor, a leading creative agency, partnered with Sensient Food Colors to rebrand their groundbreaking Certasure Program. The Certasure Program is regarded as an innovative breakthrough in natural food color safety certification. Splendor crafted a transformative brand position to captivate both established customers and prospects. Drawing upon Sensient Food Colors’ unwavering commitment to purity and transparency, Splendor meticulously crafted Certasure’s message and tone.

Splendor drove the “certainty” aspect home with Certasure’s branding, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with the highly scientific-minded customer base. The agency emphasized Certasure’s role as a guardian of trust and safety in the realm of natural food coloring, positioning it as the safest choice for those who demand purity and certainty.

The brand positioning articulated by Splendor empowered an omni-channel campaign that drove the messaging across multiple demographics and a wide swath of marketing channels. Through innovative storytelling and immersive branding strategy, Certasure was introduced to a wider audience, attracting seasoned industry veterans and industry newbies alike, with its promise of unrivaled standards and commitment to natural food color safety.

Video Production for Global Client

The ultimate expression of this brand position was an award-winning video Splendor produced. This 60 second piece tells the Certasure story in an eye-catching way, complete with script, storyboard, animation, motion graphics, and video editing.

Creative Design Agency for Food Color Brand

Splendor, an award-winning creative agency with offices in New Jersey and Florida, consistently creates gorgeous and visually appealing designs for Sensient Food Colors through monthly blog designs across global regions. With each iteration, Splendor expresses creative and functionality, crafting immersive blog experiences that represent Sensient’s innovative food color offerings and industry-leading insights. Harnessing their creative savvy, Splendor crafts dynamic blog designs that transcend geographical boundaries, harmonizing aesthetics with Sensient’s top level thought leadership. These blog designs stand as vibrant representations of Sensient’s commitment to innovation. Splendor’s unwavering creativity fuels gorgeous creative blog production, creating a symphony of form, function and content, boosting Sensient’s digital presence to new heights within the global food color industry.

End of Year Sustainability Report Design

Splendor, NJ-based creative agency, designed an award-winning end-of-year report design for Sensient Food Colors. The nearly 100 page annual report showcased Sensient’s dedication to sustainability. Through meticulous layout and graphic design, Splendor crafted a report that blends aesthetics with data, presenting a holistic view of Sensient’s sustainability initiatives. This sustainability report represents the pinnacle of annual report design, resonating with stakeholders and customers alike. Sensient plays a pivotal role in championing eco-conscious practices within the food industry. Splendor’s expertise brought a fresh, much-needed perspective to the report, not just as a document, but as an engaging showcase. the report design epitomizes Sensient’s efforts towards a sustainable future.