Raising awareness, sales, then
a glass.


Figenza Vodka

Dubbed one of the “sexiest vodkas” by beverage managers and journalists, the image and appeal of Figenza have demanded a combination of sophistication and style in all of its marketing materials. Splendor has created an extensive arsenal of traditional and digital assets that have helped this brand grow tremendously over the past several years.

The brand is an interesting, elegant hybrid between a vodka and a liqueur, and its unmistakable packaging and unique reputation as “THE fig vodka” have set the stage for some really creative marketing endeavors.


PR/Media Relations
Custom Website Design

Splendor was tasked with designing an intuitive, sophisticated website for Figenza. With white space, elegant branding, and creative copy and CTAs, we created the ultimate user experience. We also implemented state-of-the-art functionality within the site such as e-commerce, a cocktail resource library, product details, and a where to buy search feature for visitors to “Find Figenza.”

ecard design
vodka photoshoot
Print Design

From sell sheets to postcards and banners, we designed Figenza a variety of print collateral materials to use to boost in-person meetings and connect with people at events and in-stores that carry the brand. Stunning visuals paired with strategic and crafted messaging brought the materials to the next level. We’re continuing to produce this collateral on an on-going basis for the brand.

Vehicle Wraps

We made sure Figenza’s vehicles were armed with high-impact wrap designs to make sure their brand was driving in brand AND in style. Our vehicle wrap designs were made to support their marketing efforts and attract customers to their website and boost online inquiries.

vodka ad design
sell sheet design

The Figenza website takes full advantage of some beautiful custom photography, which was strategically and artfully directed and produced by Splendor. The large scale, epic imagery adorns the screen and makes a beautiful statement, which is followed through by elegant and relatively minimalist layout and design through the website pages.

Mike Arons, Carriage House