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Gateway Center Newark

It has been said, that where Newark goes, NJ will follow. And Gateway Center is arguably the most important complex in Newark.

Onyx Equities took on an enormous initiative with Gateway. With massive capital improvements and a true, long-term commitment to the city of Newark, Onyx set out to truly transform the downtown of NJ’s largest city. Splendor was commissioned to develop an engaging, world-class website, marketing campaign, video, animation, and a library of collateral and signage. These efforts have been critically instrumental to reposition the complex, and to attract tenants to this exciting property.

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Gateway Center, Newark, NJ

Gateway is an optimally located commercial hub situated in the heart of downtown Newark, New Jersey. This particular location has defined the area’s business landscape for more than two generations. Recently, the site has undergone significant renovations and the hub has since been transformed into a modern, Class-A office environment and mixed-use space. Onyx Equities’ strategic efforts have revitalized Gateway’s buildings and its concourse, to help the campus, as to a greater extent, the city of Newark, to thrive. With new business and retail opportunities, access to transit and a large talent pool, Gateway and its concourse “The Junction,” are poised to re-energize downtown Newark. Splendor partnered with Onyx Equities to showcase this premier new office & retail destination. We created a stunning new website, a branding video, advertising campaigns, marketing collateral, and more which has helped Onyx reach scores of potential tenants, investors, retailers and partners.


Splendor, Red Bank, NJ

Leading web design and marketing agency Splendor was commissioned to promote and market Gateway Center, a prominent office and retail complex in downtown Newark, NJ. With their expertise in commercial real estate (CRE) marketing, Splendor has developed a comprehensive strategy to promote Gateway Center to businesses and individuals seeking top-notch office and retail space.

Through their knowledge of the CRE market, Splendor has identified key target audiences. They have leveraged their expertise in web design to create an online presence that showcases Gateway Center’s unique offerings and drives traffic to the complex’s website.

Additionally, Splendor has utilized digital advertising and social media marketing to reach a wider audience and generate interest in Gateway Center. They have helped the complex to stand out in a competitive CRE market and generate increased visibility and occupancy. With their extensive knowledge of the CRE market and proven track record of success, Splendor is the perfect partner to help you promote your commercial real estate offerings.