From small gym chain to national powerhouse.


Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness is a national leader in the low-cost gym franchise marketplace. When we first started with Retro Fitness in 2010, the company had 40 gyms, primarily in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Today, they have over 150 locations in 17 states.

TV / Radio
Social Media
Digital Marketing

An in-depth research analysis revealed that the target for Retro Fitness was less about a standard demographic, and more of a mindset. Boomers and millennials were seeking a high-end fitness experience, without the exorbitant fees and long term contracts.



Based on our findings, we developed a strategy focused specifically around providing consumers a high-end gym experience at a discount price. The brand position was a value-based, no-nonsense approach. We also utilized the colors, textures and other bold elements found inside the clubs and infused them into the marketing communications thereby creating a distinct and recognizable brand identity. Additionally, we gave the brand a fresh voice that connected with the audience by speaking to them in a contemporary, conversational way.

We implemented enterprise-level, multi-channel rebranding to include broadcast, online media, social and events. All above and below the line marketing was flighted by season with heavy emphasis on traditional fitness periods (Summer, New Year’s and Spring).

The media plan was comprised mainly of spot TV, OOH (including Times Square), radio and digital efforts including SEO, a website relaunch and social activations across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Outdoor advertising

Engaging and conversational messaging was written and designed to highlight Retro’s value proposition and various amenities. The design also used elements and color schemes from within Retro’s gyms to tie back to the brand.

Several boards were strategically placed near gyms in various cities highlighting the gym’s value proposition in a fun way. A fun and engaging ad towered over Times Square in New York City throughout December and January. We made a conscious effort to tie the message to the location, capitalizing on this special media buy.


Strategic media buys

Cost effective and affordable media options always enhanced the bigger media buy — and we made the most of them by writing engaging lines that utilized the medium.


Seasonal buys

Radio was a very cost effective way to reach our demographic. We wrote and produced a number of commercials that blended humor and our value offering. These spots broke through and engaged listeners so they understood what to expect from Retro — a great gym at a great price.


Franchise sales

On the B2B side, we crafted multiple ad units that helped boost franchise sales.


Branded bus wraps

Branded bus wraps were used to further drive Retro’s value proposition.


  • Explosive growth with over 150 gyms in 17 states (and growing)
  • Nationally recognized brand
  • Just under 1 million paid members
  • Named one of the fastest growing franchises in America by Entrepreneur Magazine & Forbes