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Calcagni & Kanefsky LLP

CK Litigation is a boutique law firm specializing in white-collar investigations and litigation. With a team predominantly comprised of former federal and state prosecutors, their wealth of government experience is central to their identity. Entrusted with developing their branding, website, and marketing materials, Splendor aimed to capture their dynamic spirit and commitment to excellence. Renowned for their high-energy approach and exceptional outcomes, CK Litigation sought branding materials that would effectively communicate their credibility and track record of success.


Logo Design
Website Design
Video Production
Digital Marketing
Brochure Design & Collateral
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Branding Agency in New Jersey:

Splendor’s collaboration with Calcagni & Kanefsky has been pivotal in shaping the law firm’s brand identity. With a deep understanding of the firm’s values and objectives, Splendor has developed a distinctive brand that reflects professionalism, trustworthiness, and expertise.

Marketing and Social Media:

In the realm of digital engagement, Splendor has partnered with Calcagni & Kanefsky to enhance their marketing and social media presence. By creating custom graphics and content, Splendor has helped the firm effectively communicate with their audience, fostering engagement and building relationships.

Print Collateral:

Splendor has been instrumental in producing a wide range of print collateral for Calcagni & Kanefsky, including brochures, flyers, and business cards. Each piece is meticulously designed to convey the firm’s message and showcase their services in a compelling and professional manner.

Website Development in New Jersey:

Splendor worked closely with Calcagni & Kanefsky to develop a brand new website that reflects the firm’s values and capabilities. From designing the layout to crafting engaging content, Splendor ensured that the website serves as a valuable resource for clients while also highlighting the firm’s expertise.

Custom Hero Video:

As part of the website development process, Splendor created a custom hero video for Calcagni & Kanefsky’s homepage. This video serves as a captivating introduction to the firm, effectively conveying their brand message and setting the tone for the user experience.