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Supreme Security Systems

Supreme Security is a leading security systems provider for both homes and businesses throughout the state of New Jersey. This family-owned business has a unique position in the market – competing with do-it-yourselfers, national security providers, and everyone in between. Their high-end customer service, technical superiority and extensive history were all strong assets, but they needed help getting their message out.

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FINAL RESULT: A successful exit

Our relationship with Supreme yielded fantastic gains for the company month after month. Website visibility and leads increased, and the overall impact on the company’s brand and perceived value rose dramatically. The company ultimately sold to a larger entity, enabling the owner of Supreme to participate in a very successful exit from the business.


Responsive website design

The website we created for Supreme offers clear and engaging explanations of their strengths and advantages, services offered, and coverage area. Additionally, the website features a resources area, which continuously expands as Splendor creates custom content for the company.

Interactive map design

We created a diagram that helps consumers learn the essentials of a home security system. The interactive infographic offers notes and indicates proper placement for various system components.

Social media management

We created, claimed, and verified essential social media profiles for Supreme, optimizing their listings and pages for findability and accuracy. Once established, we crafted an ongoing program of social media posts that was comprised of unique, custom content and graphics as well a relevant content curated from industry-leading sources and institutions. During this social effort, we also managed the firm’s reputation and liaised with customers via the appropriate platforms.

Content marketing

Blog posts, case studies, customer stories, infographics and more are all part of a comprehensive content marketing program. These unique pieces were researched and written/designed, then published on the firm’s website, social media channels, and beyond to maximize reach. The long lasting effects of this program will continue to improve the company’s visibility and search engine placement.

Facebook ads

We developed a highly effective Facebook ad series, based on strategic creative and effective combinations of messaging and graphics. We deployed and tested the various ads and then optimized and adjusted their placement and content to maximize results.

PR campaign

Our PR efforts garnered multiple speaking engagements and citation opportunities for the firm. David Bitton, the CIO of Supreme, has been cited as a subject matter expert in various publications as a result of our program. Supreme has also been the subject of multiple print and online editorial pieces.