December 15, 2023

Sensient Food Colors Certasure Video

In the realm of food innovation, ensuring safety and transparency in food colorants is pivotal. Sensient Food Colors, a global leader in food color technology and natural food color innovation, has been at the forefront of this mission. Their commitment to quality and safety is further emphasized through their Certasure program, a rigorous safety initiative ensuring the safety of food colorants used worldwide.

Certasure combines stringent quality testing, comprehensive vendor certification, full raw material traceability, and best manufacturing practices to ensure color from natural sources meet all the required quality, safety, and authenticity requirements. In order to get the word out about this innovative program, Sensient enlisted Splendor to create an informative video to enlighten the masses.

Designed, scripted, and storyboarded by Splendor, this video aimed to demystify the complexities surrounding food colorant safety. It highlighted the stringent protocols, exhaustive testing methods, and the unwavering commitment of Sensient Food Colors to ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality in their products.

By leveraging Splendor’s expertise in visual storytelling, Sensient Food Colors successfully communicated the essence of their food safety program. Check out the video below!


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