November 30, 2023

Splendor Expands to Jacksonville, Florida

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Splendor Design Group is pleased to announce its expansion to Jacksonville, Florida.

The new office in Jacksonville will allow Splendor to expand its reach into the southeast region, exploring business opportunities and making new connections.

Earlier this year Splendor started working with SHADOWCAT, creator of bespoke support vessels servicing the superyacht industry, based in Jacksonville, FL. Jay Sharfstein, Partner and Executive Creative Director, is based in Jacksonville and will lead the Splendor team in both business development and creative efforts.

“It was a natural move for us to set up shop in town with one of our most promising new accounts,” says Sharfstein. “And through this engagement, we have already made connections and engaged with several brands related to the Superyacht category.

Splendor works extensively with Commercial Real Estate ventures around the country, as well as Architects, Engineers, and Contractors.

With a solid Real Estate market, burgeoning cultural movement, and growing client base in the region, Jacksonville was a smart move for the 24-year-old creative agency.

“We’re looking forward to networking more, connecting with like-minded businesses and growing our business in this great city,” said Sharfstein.

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