Your brand can’t exist in a vacuum.
Simply put, an effective marketing campaign defines your message, puts it in front of your target customer, and helps your business succeed and grow. Splendor creates comprehensive marketing campaigns to bring your vision to life and bring your business to market. From search engine rank to social media presence, online review sites and more, the overall reach and presence of your business on the internet can greatly impact visibility and reputation of your brand. Our digital marketing expertise and strategic approach ensure you reach the audience you’re after.
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The first step in a marketing campaign to help you launch your brand or business is extensive investigation. We take a deep dive with our clients and ask important questions about you, your business, your market, and your mission. We also research and learn about your industry to observe your competition in order to:

  • Understand your product or service
  • Understand your market
  • Identify distinct advantages within your market
  • Identify your personal taste an preferences

We combine the information we gather from you with our years of experience and creative expertise to define and create a compelling marketing strategy reaches your audience and resonates with your customers.

We ask tough questions to find the easiest path forward.
Michele Trembley, Art Director

Our marketing process


Define your goals

What are we setting out to accomplish? Generate more web traffic? Build your email list? Increase revenue? Thinking about your objectives is not enough. Our thorough process get these things documented.


Identify and segment your audience accurately

Who are these people? You need to know not only who, but where. We create categories and groups of demographics: age, geography, career, lifestyle habits and hobbies. We develop personas to identify typical behavior and important demographics.


Articulate your message and position distinctly

Do you understand your customers’ needs? Put yourself in their shoes. What would make their lives and jobs easier? Splendor is experts at crafting creative, compelling messaging that represents what you offer accurately and sticks in the minds of your customers.


Select appropriate distribution channels and outlets

How will you distribute content? We evaluate and consider the best formats and channels to address your audience’s challenges. Do they spend time on Facebook? Could you reach them through email? Would they prefer to watch a video vs. read a blog post? As the marketing program develops, we’ll fine tune the list of appropriate channels.


Create a timeline with milestones and goals

When will you distribute? Calendar out a smart, strategic publishing schedule to get the content out at optimal times. Your schedule is a critical element to long term success.


Publish and Distribute

Get your message out there! In blogs, on social media, on your website, and everywhere else. Remember – focus your efforts where your customers are.



Creative Design Meets Cutting Edge Marketing

Splendor is an accomplished and leading creative agency with clients across the country and around the world. We are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of marketing services that are custom crafted to elevate your business and connect with your ideal target clients.

We understand the dynamic landscape of marketing in today’s complex world, and we offer a holistic approach that encompasses both traditional and digital marketing strategies. Our traditional marketing services are rooted in the traditional principles of effective communication and branding, ensuring that your message resonates with your target audience across all channels, from print to out-of-home to direct mail and beyond.


Leading Marketing & Advertising Firm

In addition to our traditional marketing expertise, our digital marketing services are second to none. In the fast-paced digital realm, we stay informed and savvy to cutting edge techniques and strategies to enhance your online presence, attract your ideal customers, and drive results. From social media marketing to custom content creation, email marketing to programmatic, we leave no stone unturned in optimizing your brand’s digital presence.

Our firm has decades of experience creating award-winning advertising campaigns, crafting captivating and persuasive initiatives that captivate audiences and drive engagement. Our team of skilled marketers understands the nuances of different advertising channels, whether it’s television, radio, billboards, or online banners, and we create targeted campaigns that are optimized for the medium and leave a lasting impression on your customers.


Digital Marketing in NJ

Splendor excels in search engine optimization, both organic (SEO) and paid (SEM). Our SEO strategies are rooted in in-depth research and analysis, and we employ a combination of on-page and off-page optimization techniques to boost your website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Our paid search strategies are equally comprehensive, leveraging pay-per-click (PPC) advertising within Google and other search engines to drive traffic and conversions for businesses.

Importantly, our agency’s strategic brand work and world-class design services are a critical complement to ensure that these marketing tactics are on-brand and worthy of your targets’ attention. Our brand strategists work closely with you to understand your business’s unique selling proposition (USP) and develop a compelling narrative and brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Our creative designers then bring this brand identity to life through captivating visuals and design elements that enhance your brand’s recognition and recall.


Top Marketing and Ad Agency

Our marketing services, combined with our strategic brand work and design expertise, are a powerful solution for businesses looking to grow and succeed. We take a 360° approach, leveraging both traditional and digital marketing strategies, advertising, and SEO to attract your ideal customers and drive results. With our unparalleled creativity, strategic thinking, and deep industry knowledge, Splendor is true partner in unlocking the full potential of your brand and achieving unparalleled success in the market. For over two decades, hundreds of clients have enjoyed the fruits of our marketing programs.