April 3, 2023

Central Solutions Group Launches New Website

During our first discussions with Central Solutions Group, we knew that this would be a dynamic partnership and design project for both of our teams.

Central Solutions Group (CSG) is a new sub-set of Central Moving Group. CSG helps companies move out of their commercial office spaces with both ease and the promise of “no sleepless nights” for their clients.

Despite being a new company, CSG has already worked with well-known brands including ADP, L’Oreal, and MetLife. CSG provides a large solution to companies who are making major moves to guide their clients every step of the way. Being a new company, CSG needed a logo, brand positioning, visual identity, and website. Together, we worked to make their vision a reality.

To illustrate how CSG has project management down to a science, we adapted the tagline “Make The Smart Move”. Once we established messaging and visual identity, we moved on to the web design process where we created a sleek, intuitive website for the brand. The design and messaging tell the story of how Central Solutions Group becomes part of their client’s team, there to support them every step of the way. View the newly launched website and see how their digital presence came to life.

Check it out here! →



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