March 16, 2023

Russo Development Launches New Website

Russo Development is a prominent real estate developer in the New Jersey market. The firm recently launched their new custom website. Russo partnered on the project with Splendor – an award-winning creative agency known for its focus on commercial real estate (CRE) branding, marketing, and website design.

Russo’s real estate development work inspires community, collaboration, and partnership among stakeholders, residents, and internally with employees. Splendor developed a new brand position to capture this spirit, and it has been successfully implemented across multiple media channels since launch.

"We Build

The website showcases Russo’s extensive portfolio of real estate projects, and features gorgeous galleries of properties, a cutting-edge user interface, sophisticated layout and design, and elegant animation & dynamic movement. Visitors to the website experience easy-to-navigate menus and an intuitive user interface that make finding relevant information a breeze.

The highlight of the website is an impressive gallery of Russo’s real estate projects – including Vermella, Russo’s signature collection of multi-family housing projects. Each project in the portfolio has been expertly photographed and curated, showing off the style, aesthetic, amenities and design of the properties. The website also includes detailed information on each project, including project highlights, location, and other relevant details.

The new website is a testament to Russo Development’s commitment to providing exceptional real estate development services to its tenants, investors and clients. By partnering with Splendor, a leading CRE marketing agency and creative agency, Russo Development has been able to create a website that truly reflects their values, vision, and expertise.

“The Russo team is extraordinary,” explains Adam Taylor, Splendor’s Founder & CEO. “Beyond the bricks and beams, Russo cares about the communities in which they build, about the people who trust them with their homes, and the internal teams at Russo that make it all possible. And it doesn’t hurt to have someone like Ed Russo at the helm, either. Ed is a thought leader in the region, and has been recognized by nearly every publication as a power player in the Real Estate industry and in NJ business.”

The new website marks the beginning of what promises to be a fruitful partnership between Russo and Splendor. As leading players in the New Jersey real estate market, the two firms are well-positioned to create, brand and market innovative, cutting-edge projects that will shape the future of the industry.

Visit Russo’s new website here:



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