February 19, 2019

Why Each of Your Properties Need a Kickass Website.

Reaching potential buyers and leasers for your commercial real estate listings isn’t easy. Sure, you can host open houses or launch parties, post the properties on commercial real estate search sites (and your website), and reach out to former business buyers, partners and connections, but that still might not be enough…

Bottom line – your firm needs a kickass website for each property that you’re marketing, and it needs to hit all the right points with potential tenants.

A whopping 85 percent of shoppers research a product or service online before making a major purchase or investment. Buyers are more digitally connected than ever before, so a firm website, plus a website for each property your showcasing, gives you an edge in a highly competitive market.

A website serves your property in multiple ways and should be one of the first things created when your firm is listing a property.

Here are 5 of the many reasons why each of your properties need a kickass website

it communicates what you’re offering buyers and leasers

First and foremost, a kickass website will help highlight what your property has to offer.

For example, you can show off the following:

  • Building overview – specs, different types of spaces, floor plans, etc.
  • Physical attributes – property photos and video footage
  • Property Amenities
  • Any amenities surrounding the facility
  • The location of your property and it’s community and culture
  • Highlight access to transit – major highways and roads, bus, train, ferry, etc.
  • How the property is managed – highlighting your firm’s role and property management style and capabilities
  • Any retail and residential space offerings

Giving your visitors this information up front not only makes things easier for them, but it helps them save time in the process of things as they can learn more about the property without taking the time to travel and research the area. This is true for commercial properties, as well as mixed use and residential.

This is huge and goes a long way, especially if they have other properties on their consideration list.

you can reach anyone

One of the most powerful aspects of having a property website is that you never know who will come across it.

Based on keywords, content, and good SEO marketing, someone could end up seeing the website in a search result. For example, say a company was searching “commercial property spaces for sale in Newark NJ.”

If your firm created a website for a property you’re leasing and it was marketed correctly, it could come up on one of the first pages of results. The way the information and the overall website’s brand personality and design are presented could potentially attract a new prospect.

Your property’s website can also reach new viewers by word of mouth, email, or social media post. Whether it’s a client, partner, friend or acquaintance noticing the property website and telling someone they know who is looking for a property in the area, or due to seeing a social media post on LinkedIn that a friend liked in their feed, this is significant, and these opportunities alone are worth the time and investment.

it showcases your firm

The way you present a property on each of their websites is key, as this reflects your firm as a whole. Each property website that you have counts – as it increases the likelihood for people to recognize your name and understand the value of a property advertised and managed by your firm and differentiates your firm amongst the competitors in the area, region and beyond.

Furthermore, it could actually turn into a new business venture. People will notice the properties in your portfolio, but also the level of care and quality of a property that’s paired with your firm. This could attract new opportunities and lead to the property to sell space for and manage.

a new way to gather feedback

By having a website for each property you’re advertising, you’re creating a way to receive customer/visitor feedback.

Whether it’s a client leaving a great testimonial, which you can house on your website, or someone emailing or messaging you their thoughts on the property or the overall site, it actually helps you understand what is working and what doesn’t. Taking feedback and testimonials into consideration can make an impact in your efforts.

Since you’re basically competing with other industry players, and even sites like LoopNet, it’s important to understand what viewers like and understand and that you make the best of each property’s website and ensure that it’s showcasing the property and firm in the best light possible. Quality Counts!

it’s the perfect marketing asset

A website should be your best friend, as it’s your company’s best advertising asset. This is true for any industry, but it’s very relevant for CRE firms and their properties.

After you get a website made for your property, you can quickly share it and begin building momentum. From a quick text or email to an email marketing campaign, social media posts, article, and more, a website link is a quick and effective tool in getting your property to the market.

At Splendor, the websites that we design and build all have the best user experience in mind – from a streamlined flow to the way each item is presented. All sites we create are also mobile-friendly, so they are functioning, visually engaging, and easily navigable on any device.

If you want to learn more about our CRE capabilities and see some examples click here. We’re here to help!

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