February 28, 2024

Technology is a powerful tool. Creativity is the way to optimize it.

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When it comes to marketing, technology has become the great equalizer. Which marketers and creative agencies among us don’t have or have access to CRM platforms, social platforms, data analytics tools, programmatic media platforms, and AI? The ubiquitous nature of these technologies democratizes every company’s ability to effectively communicate and attract new customers.

But, does it really?

We see it all too often. Companies ramp up with the latest and greatest tech stack and they think they’re now in the game. But having the right tech to compete is only the first step in being competitive. Most companies don’t have the time, discipline or experienced in-house team members to connect and streamline the entirety of their digital efforts. And why would they? It’s not their area of expertise and oh yeah, they’re busy running their businesses. Additionally, many companies don’t realize how an infusion of creativity can optimize their entire digital marketing ecosystem.

The truth is, the real power of technology lies in the application of human intelligence that drives it. Creativity, whether manifested in strategic thinking or compelling ways to communicate your company’s offerings (ideally it’s both these things), is the true force required to maximize your technology tools and make it function in a manner that crafts something beautiful – namely brand awareness, brand affinity and ultimately new business.

In the purest sense, technology is a tool – not unlike a common hammer or wrench found in every shed or garage. While tools provide the requisite functions to build something great, they’re instruments. It’s creative vision and the mastery of the tools to implement that vision that sets true craftsmen apart from a DIY’er. The same can be said about creative professionals such as architects, chefs, attorneys, builders – even digital marketing companies. Mostly, they’re all working with the exact same tools of their trade, but it’s their creativity, their vision and their ability to execute that wins the day.

Point being, the right tools in the right hands can create something powerful and memorable. Tools in the hands of less than skilled pros? Well, that pile of wood is likely to remain a stack of unrealized possibilities. Those ingredients likely will never be transformed into fine cuisine in a 5-star restaurant. Technology employed without creativity and a creative shepherd to shape and guide it, is no different.

Creative is subjective, but the impact is measurable:
Nielsen found that strong creative was responsible for 86% of sales lift in digital ads and that across all creative, the quality of the creative contributed to 65% of digital ad sales lift.1 The recent MAGNA Media Study, says that creative quality drives 56% of impact on purchase intent, while Google says 70%.2
1SOURCE: Advertising Week
2SOURCE: Magna / Yahoo Inc.

Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.

That famous marketing quote was stated in the 60s, but it remains true today – no matter the medium or that advent of technology.

The bold use of truly engaging creative is a powerful business amplifier. Full stop. It doesn’t matter how it’s getting to the customer, what’s important is that it gets to the customer and leaves them feeling good about your brand. Digital campaigns? Video? Print? Pre-roll? Social? Email? The vehicle doesn’t matter. Like the old adage says “It’s what’s inside that counts.”

These days, creativity is more than beautifully packaged ideas served up to entice an audience. It’s getting creative with how technology is being used, and when it’s used, relevant to where a customer is in their decision journey.

How creative strategy is applied across various platforms also needs to be taken into consideration in terms of each platform’s strengths and your marketing goals. For example, LinkedIn is ideal for long-form content such as thought leadership and industry point-of-views that your company may want to promote. Your creativity in this instance should be focused on how to present that information in a provocative and compelling manner.

No matter the channel, platform or technology, successful marketing requires connecting with people by giving them something inherently human to respond to.

Delight them. Surprise them. Engage them. Give them a reason to pay attention. Technology affords marketers even more opportunity to be creative. In the right hands, these tools can produce game-changing results.


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