August 1, 2021

Splendor Launches Caz Creek Lending’s New Visual Identity, Brand, Collateral, Website, and More.

Caz Creek Lending

Caz Creek Lending has extensive experience in bridge financing and asset-based lending to commercial investors. This financial firm has made itself well-known with its strong presence, extensive experience and reliability, as well as their team’s expertise and solutions to help commercial borrowers reach their goals.

Splendor had the opportunity to work with Caz Creek Lending on their new logo & visual identity, suite of marketing collateral, brand strategy & position, and comprehensive website. Our collaborative partnership aimed to build a solid foundation to reinforce the firm’s brand and arm them with the tools needed to go to market confidently and effectively.

The new website was created as a hub to house all of the firm’s key information and content, including their service offerings, expertise, FAQs, application information, and more. On the backend, the website was developed with timeless features, high-end functionality, custom slide graphics, and a sleek graphics/effects package.

Caz Creek Lending Website
Caz Creek Lending guidelines
Caz Creek Lending Business Cards

Along with the website build, Splendor designed a visual identity for Caz Creek composed of cool tones and professional typography that convey the reliability and strength of the firm – timeless, powerful, persistent, and professional conveyed upon the first impression. And during our brand strategy, messaging and position exercise, we crafted a compelling message and persona for the firm, as well as reworked the site content to make it captivating for clients at first-glance.

In our most recent efforts together, we designed marketing collateral for the Caz Creek Lending team to use during meetings and networking events with potential prospects including a business cards suite.


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