June 11, 2021

Splendor Designs & Launches a New, Revolutionary Athletic Training App, ATAC.


Imagine having a full locker room of professional trainers, coaches, and mentors right in the palm of your hands. No need to imagine anymore. The Advanced Training Athletic Club app was created with the ultimate user-experience in mind, providing users with a holistic program that covers everything needed to succeed in your sport within the palm of your hands. With 9 core principles at the forefront and training programs from the best of the best, a nutrition builder, daily challenges, and more, ATAC provides an unparalleled, all-in-one fitness journey to app users.

Splendor’s Involvement  

Splendor is proud to have been a part of the AI-powered app’s development from its early ideation and planning phases, to its branding & identity, actual app design and development, website, commercials, and more. Our partnership will continue in the form of ongoing design, content & video production, and an immersive social media marketing, email, traditional advertising, and influencer management campaign — and we couldn’t be more thrilled to #ATAC the market together!

ATAC App Screens
ATAC Web Mockup
ATAC Puzzle

More About ATAC

The ATAC app was designed to help athletes reach their goals and #LevelUp in order to achieve success in their respective sport. The creators behind ATAC understand the time, commitment, focus, and process required to become the best athlete you can be. This new, innovative, high-tech app basically provides its users with a coach, a nutritionist, a strength and conditioning expert, and a sports psychologist all at their personal beck and call. ATAC is a professional, virtual locker room that fits in your pocket – for both coaches and athletes, plus teams and parents.

The Features Speak for Themselves

One of ATAC’s key offerings includes the utilization of 9 important principles to better an athlete’s overall self. Strength, endurance, nutrition, technique, mentality, agility, flexibility, recovery, and reflection are all incorporated to help athletes level up and find results in multiple facets of their athleticism.

The new app has a plethora of unique features beyond the 9 principles and training capabilities. From workouts & activities, a nutrition plan & meal builder, a strength program, and the unique, gamified experience – athletes can now achieve excellence on their own accord. Points, XP, levels, scoreboards, and leaderboards have also been incorporated to help encourage competition and tap into the competitive spirit of the athletes. 


ATAC is the most advanced athletic training app ever created for athletes, built with a gamified user experience. What gets us really excited about this app – minus all of its features, is how it’s designed for athletes striving to be the best in their field, with programming focused on performance instead of the standard “get fit” angle. ATAC brings together a team of elite professionals focused on 9 principles to help athletes achieve excellence. Users can download ATAC today at the App Store or on Google Play!

Now we ask – are you ready to #LevelUp? 


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