September 28, 2011

Circulating Your Options

Effectiveness in graphic design is subjective. Everyone has a different idea about what looks good and what approach to take. Some prefer fast-paced and energetic material, while others convey the same message with a more drawn out approach. The point? There is more than one way to skin a cat – or a web layout. The visual real estate may be limited, but there are ways to maximize the area you’re working with. One popular approach recently has been to use a slideshow in place of a still image.

MVC (Most Valuable Content)

The most important space on the site is what is identified as the “title area” beneath the header and navigation bar, illustrated below:


This is the area where a single powerful image and slogan typically go. Instead of using a single graphic and message here, however, a slideshow affords the use of multiple images and/or messages. Consider the possibilities, with 3, 4, or 5 images, phrases, or better yet, calls-to-action – all located in the most valuable area on your homepage.

Perspective and Interpretation

With a slideshow in place, it is important to choose images and messages that match your business and serve a defined purpose. What is the reasoning behind selecting the pictures you do? Do they evoke an emotion from visitors, prompting them to choose your business? What you communicate here is vital to a positive user experience on your website. From service spotlights to featured projects to client testimonials, the slideshow provides a powerful tool to communicate your message(s) to your target audience. Travel lightly, however, as excessiveness can be a downfall.


It is important to remember that, although your images and text may carry your message, presentation is key. Too much text can distract the audience from the rest of the material (pictures and site, alike). Additionally, too many images can have the same effect, as the audience will feel like they are stuck in a never-ending rotation. No more than 5 images should be selected and no more than 3 lines of text are good limits to live by. Ultimately, speed is the deciding factor. If you spin the material too fast or too slow, you can spin your audience as far from the site as possible. Focus and relax, and make your messaging direct and powerful.

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