September 23, 2011

An Introduction to Social Media

It’s hard to deny how powerful social media has gotten. In the last five years, the world has shifted online and interacts through an ever-growing number of social networks. You’ve heard of them all: Facebook, Twitter, and so on. But did you know how you could use these tools to aid in your business?

Everyone Has a Voice

The best part of participating in social networks is that everyone has their own voice. Any given user is entitled to post the same material as a massive corporation on the same forum. This allows you, as a business owner, to open up communication with all potential clients. You can post various materials in your field of business and have the users comment, critique, and rate each component. At its core, this user-generated content becomes free market research.

Strength in Numbers

Perhaps the best part of social media is the unity aspect, where all users are joined in one single virtual locale. All friends and followers become subscribed to your information once they agree to and recent all current information as you put it out there. The advantage of this is how everyone involved has an equal value. Users can communicate with one another and indirectly advertise different services for you. One user can comment with an area within your business they were particularly fond of, while another can talk about how well they were treated in terms of customer service. With this, users are not only generating conversation with you, but with themselves. This will ultimately market your business with you having little involvement because although you may not be in the conversation, you are the subject of discussion.

Always Have a Plan

Remember and NEVER FORGET: social media is based around interaction, but social media for your business is to advertise. To make your social media truly effective, you must always be attempting to sell your business to the world. Make sure that when users are advancing conversation, you are sure to get your name out there with your services closely followed. You have to be genuine in your approach, as users will see through the hard sell. It’s a hard balance to maintain, but entirely possible with the right procedure and methodology. It just takes time to learn.

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