September 20, 2011

Nothing Design: Lost Songs

Art, music and self-expression are all a part of what makes me tick. When it comes to music, writing, playing and recording songs are critical elements in my creative existence. Sadly, I can’t count how many times an idea for a lyric, melody or entire song have disappeared because there was no way to capture them in that fleeting instant.

1With the über-smart phones and mobile devices of today – flaunting every kind of app you could imagine – quick recordings of song ideas are a click away. Whether you sing, hum, or strum an idea, that short recording preserves the moment. That brilliant creative burst stays accessible to be worked on whenever it’s right, be it 5 hours or 5 years later.

Without a mini recorder, the noise pollution of a hectic, fast paced life erases all memory of musical ideas from simple to magnificent. So for all you singer/songwriters out there, next time you have an idea, grab your phone, find the audio notes recorder app and hum away. If I had that kind of tool, my personal song library might be 1000, not 50.


Adam Taylor is the founder, owner, and creative director at Splendor Design Group, Inc., a boutique design and marketing firm located in Red Bank, NJ.

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