September 14, 2011

Blog Writing

Blog writing is one of the most personal aspects of social media for your business. A blog writer can be as personal or professional as deemed necessary to make a point. Businesses must be mindful to have an agenda. How exactly can one run a successful blog?

The Audience is Listening

While writing for a business blog, you do not want to directly attempt a sell in the writing. You have to talk about universal topics in the field to relate to your audience. A restaurant owner may want to consider a post centered on drink and dish combinations, as an example. This allows the audience to think and converse, instead of being sold to.

Unity is Key

Remember: the audience wants to feel rewarded for their time. You only get one chance to hold your audience’s attention. Excess words are an endgame, not artistic. Check your facts and grammar, and be sure to be genuine in your prose. If not, the audience will see right through your figurative language. Don’t blow this chance!

A Call to Arms

The ultimate goal of your blog is to spur your audience into action. Your entries should be unique enough to hold the audience’s interest, and poignant enough for them to trust your expertise. This will allow your audience to come to you with any interest they have in the subject matter. Always end by guiding their next step: the end goal should be to tell your audience where to go from here.

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