June 4, 2011

Guatemala Trip 2011

We are taking our second journey to Antigua, Guatemala in July 2011. We will be working hard to build homes for poor families in the highland areas of Guatemala.

We Need Your Help!

We are raising funds to buy materials, tools and supplies to make this project possible. Any donation amount will be a great contribution to our effort. Please be as generous as you can afford to be.

The Mission

From Houses to Homes aims to strengthen community harmony in highland Guatemala by building lasting, healthy homes, improving access to health care and education, and inspiring participation between the poor and civil society.

About the Homes

In the poorest areas of highland Guatemala, improper building materials, a lack of appropriate resources, and unsustainable architectures turn houses to foul rubble in the blink of an eye. Many families live in makeshift homes that are constructed of nothing more than cornstalk or cardboard walls with dirt floors. Decrepit housing quashes hope, fuels health problems, and destroys family unity. From Houses to Homes-Guatemala, Inc., recognizes that flourishing homes and thriving communities begin with improving actual home structure. From Houses to Homes works with the poorest of Guatemalan families to build or rebuild houses making them strong, safe, culturally appropriate, and affordable to maintain. These homes become the foundation for a community building process.

Can You Imagine Building an Entire Home for $1750?!

Each home costs approximately $1,750.00. Our homes are 13 x 19 foot homes, made entirely of concrete block, with cement floor, corrugated metal roof, with skylight, a metal door with lock, and a metal-framed window with glass. The home is stuccoed and painted inside and out with colors chosen by the home owner. We are now including a bunkbed in every home.

As you can tell, a little goes a long way!

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