August 26, 2011

Are You Prepared for a Category 5 Design Disaster?

Splendor deals with clients’ design emergencies on a daily basis. Some emergencies are caused by scheduling oversight, some are the result of budgetary constraint, some are the result of previous service (or lack thereof) providers.

Here are a few thoughts to help you reach your goals. Our goal is to keep our people informed and alert. Remember: Proper Planning Can Help Eliminate a Crisis!


Scenario 1: Poor Planning

“We have a big event coming up, and we need a whole new series of materials designed and produced. By the way, the event is in 5 days.” This situation presents itself time and time again. It’s always best to begin thinking about upcoming events several months in advance. This allows your creative and marketing teams to discuss, collaborate, and execute the most effective design for your needs.

Emergency Resolution:
Splendor is able to work under very tight deadlines to produce whatever you need, even under the most unreasonable time constraints.


Scenario 2: Misjudged Budgets

“We hired a local freelancer for cheap, and he won’t return our calls, has abandoned the project, is holding files hostage, or (worst of all) the designs are awful!” There is a fundamental lesson here that some business owners subject themselves to repeatedly: You Get What You Pay For. If you believe that creative design services are a commodity, and that all designers deliver the same level of work, and the only difference that matters is cost, then I PROMISE you will be forced to learn this lesson the hard way.

Emergency Resolution:
Splendor create amazing and effective design solutions for just about any medium or use, and our high-quality, award winning design work is competitively priced.


Scenario 3: Lack of Direction

“We have 5 people who are in charge of this project, all with different ideas, plus the CEO who will want to chime in at the end and refocus the project into a whole different direction.” Too many chefs in the kitchen? Very common predicament. Unless you’ve got a creative director or marketing director on staff with extensive experience, you need professional help.

Emergency Resolution:
When you hire Splendor, you can trust that our knowledge, creativity and track record will serve you well as we create the best, most effective design solution for your project. We deliver solid direction and expert solutions for all design challenges.


As you stock up on water, bread, candles and batteries, give some thought to your business’s preparedness. And if you find yourself in a category 5 design emergency, contact Splendor to provide relief.