October 2, 2012

Does This Website Make Me Look Fat?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, “Less is more”, “Keep it simple stupid!” – All important words to live by when it comes to building a business website – And the kind of simplicity needed for website construction begins at the very bottom with code writing. Website design experts can help to ensure your business website is not only visually appealing, but also fast and functional. Here’s the skinny on keeping your website skinny…

Website development and code writing is the programing behind the scenes within your business website. It makes makes everything on the front end look the way it looks and run the way it runs. Fancy animation, endless lines of table code, javascript code and numerous calls back to the server to drive the page can all result in “code bloat.” A bloated page means, quite simply, that there is too much programing code – relative to how much text and graphical content you’re displaying. All of these factors severely affect website loading speed and therefore make your business website “fat” and slow. Splendor’s position is that when it comes to the behind the scenes aspect of a website, the leaner the better.

Don’t just take our word for it…Google penalizes slow websites! Think of your website code as a maze. Unnecessary computer code = more twists and turns. Simple and relevant code writing = a more streamlined maze. The simpler the maze the faster it can be completed! A nice, slim and optimized code structure means that you don’t have unneeded, outdated programming code. As a result the page will load more quickly, the user will be happier, and the Google bots that crawl your site will arrive more quickly to the actual part of the code they’re most concerned with: you guessed it… YOUR CONTENT!!!

We always try look at it from a consumer’s point of view:

1) Busy sites can be dated. Dated is ugly in the internet world. Keep it simple to highlight the most important things – like what your business is and what you are offering. Novel idea right? Have your business’s main logo design and its services front and center. This way when a potential client is surfing the web, they don’t come across your messy page and decide they don’t feel like weeding through the fluff. If they don’t take your website seriously, they wont take your business seriously, and they’ll just keep on surfing.

2) Cleanliness is next to godliness. A clean site is an ideal site simply because it is easy to navigate. Think simple website layout and easy webpage construction for the newbies visiting your page so that they’ll stick around – and maybe even return later! All of this helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because more visits means better search engine placement and visibility.

3) Trim the fat!! Many consumers can’t open busy sites on all computers, smart phones or other internet enabled devices. Bloated programming code and Flash make it difficult to navigate or even open a website. When you’re surfing the web for something specific – especially when you are shopping around, you don’t want to waste time trying to open a website that’s slower than dial-up. Your potential clients have the need for speed and they’re going to get it whether it’s on your business website or someone else’s – and wouldn’t you rather it was yours? Yeah, we thought so.

“It’s a simple task to make things complex, but a complex task to make things simple” – The professionals at Splendor Design Group understand that better than anyone.

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