Closets, Kitchens, and a Brand makeover.


Builders’ General

Builders’ General is an established retailer of building materials and supplies in central NJ, with a great reputation among contractors throughout the state. But among homeowners and non-tradespeople, their overall visibility was minimal, and the public’s perception was distorted. Builder’s General approached Splendor with a two-part goal: let people know that there are 5 great locations around the state, and educate people on the great resources and wide variety of products the business carries. Challenge accepted.


Brand Messaging

No matter what it is you’re building, a strong foundation is key. At Builders’ General, we’ve been building our family owned business for over 87 years. The foundation here isn’t forged by concrete and steel, but by trust and honesty. From the quality of the products we offer, the expert knowledge we share, to the relationships we’ve built over 4 generations with our customers, we’ve solidified our place in New Jersey as the go-to company for builders, contractors, designers and decorators alike.

Since 1931, we’ve been helping all who walk through our doors, get the job done.

custom media services

World-class Digital Media Planning and Placement.

We embarked on a digital marketing program through mass awareness channels comprised of strategic, targeted visuals and language that highlighted and showcased the knowledge, expertise and experience of the Builders’ General staff and leadership. This has led to more online traffic, expanded reach, and brand recognition in the community.

Social Media Marketing

Builders’ General needed a social media strategy to grow their community and reach. We showcased their products but also promoted their overall brand and personality. By presenting information about their products and services with light, inviting language, we’ve been able to increase interactions, expand the brand, and boost engagement.