March 28, 2016

4 Easy Steps to Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

Social media is great for business and it is essential to have a firm grasp on how social media works in today’s corporate landscape. LinkedIn is the optimal corporate social media platform and it is important to realize this and act accordingly. For example, when was the last time you evaluated your company’s LinkedIn page? If you were to look at it right now, would it represent your brand well? Would you be optimistic about the page drawing in potential clients?

Many small businesses take the initial step to create a LinkedIn page, but very few utilize LinkedIn to its highest potential. Consistent updates and posts are what keep your page on the minds of others. When it comes to LinkedIn, it’s not enough to just create a page, one must keep it updated in order to reap the full benefits. For tips on how to optimally operate your company’s LinkedIn page, continue reading:

linkedin showcase pages

For example, a clothing boutique could set up a Showcase Page to feature a new line of jeans coming out. This Showcase Page would draw extra attention as its own page and one would be able to track statistics about that specific page. To create a Showcase Page, simply look under the “Edit” tab on your company page and select “Create a Showcase Page.” This page will look very similar to the page that you created your business page on, but it will be solely focused on one new product or service. LinkedIn allows users to set up ten Showcase Pages, so choose your features wisely and maintain the pages regularly.

linkedin follow button

3. Add Keywords to Your Profile.

LinkedIn profiles are searchable, as a result keywords on LinkedIn pages play a large part in search engine results. You want to make sure that your page comes up in a search engine when a client or customer enters relevant keywords into the search bar. So, create a list of five to ten words or short phrases that encapsulate your business and then make sure to add those to your profile page. Approach this as an edit of your original LinkedIn page, think about what you could have done better and make the necessary changes. If you have trouble thinking of keywords to use, Google’s Keyword Planner can be very helpful.

linkedin engagement

Use this advice to increase the buzz around your business’ LinkedIn page. As with many other aspects of business, it’s the little daily things that can make a difference in the long run. Don’t neglect your company’s LinkedIn page as it can be a strong asset of any business.

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