April 4, 2016

10 Web Design Trends to Boost Your Conversions in 2016

If you’ve made a commitment that 2016 will be the year that you boost conversions for your website, conversion-centric design features can have a big impact. Here are 10 web design trends that can help you accomplish that goal.

full width image

1. full width images

aren’t about bigger being better; it’s about using large images and/or videos to help your visitors focus on what you want them to focus on. Having a borderless image as the background for a page can focus the user on the text. Ideally you should keep the text minimal, which dovetails nicely into the next two conversion trends for 2016.

contact form


split screen layout

monochromatic website

single column call to action

7. Sticky Call To Actions (CTA) are big conversion boosters whether you place them above or below the fold. One consistent aspect is that they should be the first thing the viewer sees when clicking on the page. Contrasting colors for CTA buttons help them stand out from the background.

8. Prioritized navigation is all about limiting choices for viewers for easier decisions, which increases conversions. According to a recent study, when presented with too many options, the average person is 10 times more likely to take no action at all. It makes the most sense to structure your site in such a way that visitors aren’t overwhelmed by the number of options to choose from.

9. Card Design techniques provide a burst of information that focuses the viewer on what you want them to see. This design technique enables viewers to navigate immediately to whatever interests them, which leads to higher conversions. There are plenty of layout options that boost conversions when applied correctly. Short, tall, stacked individually (mobile), and grid design (larger screens) can be designed to adjust to content placed within them. It’s important to keep the height uniform to maximize the effect and the conversions,

10. Personalizing user experience allows website owners to target the right visitors and attract genuine prospects through use of focus data on your target audience. Taking into account location, buying activity, browsing activity, and other data, you can tailor the browsing process to individual users. This personalization gives each interaction much more potential to convert. To offer that sort of personalization, you not only need user data, you need to know which data to analyze and how to use it.

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