July 1, 2014

WordPress By The Numbers

We recently published an article on the many reasons WordPress has become the most used CMS platform on the market. Some of these reasons included: ease of use, convenience, intuitiveness, and constant system improvements and updates. However, some of the feedback we received in response to this piece was, “Of course you’d endorse WordPress, it’s your main CMS platform.” Oh ye of little faith! WordPress became Splendor Design Group’s preferred platform BECAUSE of all of the awesome reasons we listed. However, if you need more proof than our ringing endorsement, here are a few compelling statistics that might sway you.


As of June, 2014, the latest version of WordPress, version 3.9, had been downloaded over 23,000,000 times. In case you don’t feel like counting zeros, that’s 23 million!

The top 5 most used CMS platforms monitored by W3 Tech make up about 29% of websites worldwide. Of that 29% WordPress comes in first with 22.4% – more than all four runners up combined.

The three most popular plugins alone have been downloaded more than 56 million times. This includes Akismet, a comment spam checker – 21million+, All In One SEO Pack, a blog keyword optimization tool – 18 million+, and Contact Form 7, a contact form creator – 17 million+.

Since its inception in 2003 there have been 23 versions of WordPress released. This just goes to show that its developers are committed to making constant improvements and staying ahead of the curve.

With numbers like these it’s easy to see why highly visible corporations like CNN, Forbes, and The New York Times trust their websites to WordPress. Does WordPress have your vote yet?

Want to know more about WordPress and its application at Splendor Design Group? Stay tuned for our series of upcoming articles highlighting the different aspects and components of WordPress that have made it the #1 CMS choice worldwide.

Update: Read about some of our favorite WordPress features and plugins.

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