November 21, 2014

Splendor WordPress Showcase

We’ve been talking a big game over the past few months about the overall quality of WordPress as a content management system. It’s availability, ease of use, and versatility have earned it the number one spot among CMS platforms worldwide. Big name companies like Samsung, General Motors, Forbes, and The New York Times all trust WordPress to power their websites.

All that aside, Splendors greatest joy in working with WordPress is how customizable it is. This benefit alone allows us to offer truly unique, award winning websites for our clients. No two companies are the same, and their websites should reflect that. WordPress has put cookie cutter websites to rest and presents tremendous opportunity for creative website innovation.

After our previous testimonies to WordPress, we would be remiss not to showcase some of our favorite and most creative WordPress supported website customizations. So let’s put our money where our mouse is! Here are a few of Splendor Design Group’s proudest moments in WordPress customization:

Tuscan House Website


Unex Website

Out of the box, WordPress is a powerful system, to be sure. But with enough experience, understanding and expertise, the system can be manipulated and customized to accommodate virtually any functional or visual requirement. The above examples barely scratch the surface of this concept, though more and more the system grows, and we continue to push it to its limits.

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