October 30, 2019

Splendor Wins W³ Gold Award for Three Hermits Website.

three hermits logo

Three Hermits is an all-natural B2C food and beverage company with a new twist on centuries-old nutrition. The founders are bringing Ayurveda to the Western world through the company’s high potency functional shots. Ayurvedic medicine was originally developed in India over 3,000 years ago and is based on a holistic approach to health and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Splendor was approached by the Three Hermits to bring their new product line to life via branding, logo and identity, package design, and an e-commerce website. Because the concept is relatively unfamiliar to mainstream Western culture, the Splendor team was faced with creating a brand that was not only clear and compelling visually, but also educational as it introduced these new drinks.

Through an extensive, deep dive into the vision of the company, and an exploration of the heritage and significance of the ancient ingredients of the products, Splendor was able to create a new brand identity that was light, refreshing, health-centric, and fun. The end result was an entire ensemble of well-designed materials that represented the company and its products consistently and professionally across all channels.

From stationery to print ads to display graphics for trade shows and more, the Three Hermits materials have made a big impact and set the company up for success and growth. Notably, Splendor also created a website that was recently awarded the W³ Gold award. The site features information on the products, the company background, and an easy path to purchase the products.

hermits w3 award

The W³ Awards is a design competition that celebrates digital excellence by honoring work created by some of the best creative firms worldwide. With over 5000 entries, Splendor’s work was among the top 10% of all submissions.

“It’s partnerships like this that inspire the Splendor team to do such meaningful work that truly benefits our clients. We’re grateful for the opportunity to kick off this project with Three Hermits, and to continue the relationship as we manage their social media advertising and marketing efforts,” explains Splendor’s Owner and CEO, Adam Taylor.

For more information about the project, please visit:

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