September 19, 2012

SEO Company in NJ

A good SEO Company can be an effective asset to the success of your organization. SEO is an important aspect of any business’ marketing efforts. A strong SEO Company will deliver results in the form of search engine results and specifically, a website that ranks well in the search engine for various keywords.

Search Engine Optimization is often misunderstood, and rightfully so. Google, Yahoo, Bing and various other search engines do not exactly spell out how it works. The reason being is that these search engine websites actually exist and profit because website owners and marketers pay to be placed into listings. This type of advertising, known as pay per click advertising, can be considered an important part of any website’s marketing efforts. But the foundation of the website itself must also be well optimized for search engines. This is true for content you display, the way the site is structured and coded, and the way it is designed visually.

Think of it this way: a gorgeous website does you no good if no one sees it. But an ugly website does you no good it sends people away – no matter how much search engine traffic you get. And if the code is out of date or incompatible with certain internet browsers, operating systems, or devices, than the website design and the traffic to the website mean nothing. All of the aspects of your website design must exist in harmony. A reputable provider will ensure that the website meets all of these criteria, and make adjustments if needed.

In addition to the on-site work that must be done, there is also extensive effort that must be made offsite, to gather inbound links – also known as backlinks. Although Google has not officially rated the significance of backlinks, it is widely known throughout the SEO community that backlinks are quite possibly the number one factor that influences your placement in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Gathering and generating backlinks around the internet that all point back to your website is an important element of any SEO campaign. However, it is very important that these backlinks are generated in a natural way, as is the case, when one website determines that another website is worth a mention. This conveys trust and value to the website visitor, and that is exactly the type of “vote” that google looks for in a quality backlink. If incoming links are obtained in an less organic way, or in a way that looks automated to Google or the other search engines, there is usually a penalty and even possibly a “blacklisting” consequence. A quality SEO company will know the difference between what is known as white hat, grey hat and black hat techniques when it comes to backlinks and overall search engine optimization.

One last thought that is important to keep in mind – there are no set rules to Search Engine Optimization. It is a constantly changing market and the best approach for successful SEO is to work with a top notch company who understands best practices but also adapts and keeps up as Search Engine Optimization continues to evolve.

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