July 12, 2023

More than Millwork: Capturing Legacy and Craftsmanship at Woodhaven’s Lumberyard

Woodhaven Sign

For more than forty years, Woodhaven Lumber and Millwork has made a name for itself as one of the leading custom millwork and lumber companies in New Jersey. Splendor’s team recently visited Woodhaven’s 44-acre lumberyard in Lakewood to conduct an extensive video and photoshoot to document this massive family-owned and operated company.

The Splendor team started early, but the Woodhaven team started earlier. The sun rose over the lumberyard as workers took deliveries from trucks and brought them into the various warehouses.

Woodhaven sunrise

The interior footage of the video offered a rare glimpse into the heart of Woodhaven’s operation. The warehouse was a treasure trove of timber waiting to be transformed. The cameras navigated through the aisles of skilled artisans, capturing the precision of hands-on craftsmanship.

Woodhaven wood-worker

Inside the showroom, we were able to see that craftsmanship come to life; custom cabinets and doors and closets peppered throughout. What was once a piece of lumber on the back of a truck transforms into the centerpiece of someone’s home.

Woodhaven Showroom

The exterior footage was captured through a blend of film and drone perspectives. The drones carved through the sky, capturing the sprawling landscape that is Woodhaven’s Lakewood lumberyard. From this vantage point, the true magnitude of the lumberyard was unveiled.

One of the most exciting parts of the day was the train delivery.The cameras traced the journey of the train, weaving through tracks until it reached its destination: the lumberyard. This powerful scene was a metaphorical testament to the interconnectedness of Woodhaven and its sources of raw materials, a partnership that is at the core of their craft.

Woodhaven train

However, this visual journey was more than just a tapestry of images. Splendor conducted interviews with the operators and employees who breathe life into Woodhaven’s existence.

Woodhave interview

This project marked the first of many, as Woodhaven’s story extends beyond Lakewood. Splendor’s video and photoshoot has immortalized the spirit of Woodhaven, a narrative of heritage, craftsmanship, and the unbreakable bond of family.


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