January 15, 2018

Meet Michele

What attracted you to Splendor?
Adam saw my portfolio and sought me out. When we discussed his vision for the team he wanted to build, I was all in.


Do you have a favorite part about working in Red Bank, New Jersey?
I can walk to work and I love being part of the local community.


How does understanding design hierarchies set Splendor apart from other website design companies?
We are information organizers. In essence, we evaluate and interpret your business’ services and offerings and present that information visually. We work down from the top, placing the greatest emphasis on the most important elements and message points in the document.

We take in all of the information about what your company does, we then organize the information not only in its relative importance, but visually how it should look on the page keeping in mind this order of importance. Thinking about the importance of every piece of information, taking liberty to enhance the information or cut it back. Designing smart.


What’s your favorite part of your job?
We work with so many different types of people and companies that we’re always learning about a new industry.


What are your biggest pet peeves as a professional designer?
Not using the appropriate programs for the appropriate layouts, messy files, and not asking questions


What do you try to avoid in your designs?
Ugly drop shadows, bad margins, and bad type


Outside of work Michele..is a crossfit & #goruck fanatic, yoga guru, goes hiking with Tobie, is always cooking healthy meals, hanging out with family & friends, and constantly laughing.


What is your favorite TV show?
Game of Thrones


Do you have a go-to pick me up song or type of music you listen to while working?
Christian rock music.


What aspect of your personality adds the most value to your job?
I compartmentalize things…helps with layout.


Can you please share some advice for young designers looking for direction?
Look at every job opportunity as a learning experience and more work for your portfolio. And listen to all of your bosses as if they were teachers. You will get something out of every older designer. No 25 year old designer is as good as a 65 year old designer. Just like life, your skills develop with age over time, the more you do it, the better you will become.

Also – keep your ego out of your work and be reliable. Also, spell check. We get a bad rap for typos. Make us look good and prove the Harvard graduates wrong. Designers are actually very smart; we solve problems all day long.



You often call yourself a “spiritual gangsta,” why is that?
Because I believe success is found in the journey, not the destination.



Review Michele’s design work in our print and website portfolios.