October 19, 2023

Hill Wallack Logo Redesign

For over a year, esteemed law firm Hill Wallack has embarked on a comprehensive rebranding endeavor with Splendor. An integral facet of this process has been the meticulous revamp of their logo – a symbol that not only represents the firm but also embodies its values and vision for the future.

Fueled by a shared commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of Hill Wallack’s heritage, Splendor’s creative team delved into the essence of the firm’s identity. With a keen focus on capturing the ethos of the brand and projecting a more contemporary image, they embarked on an extensive exploration, crafting an array of diverse logo options that encapsulated the essence of Hill Wallack’s legacy while radiating a distinct modern appeal.

Through a fusion of color psychology, minimalist design principles, and a deep understanding of the legal landscape, the new logo emerged as a powerful testament to Hill Wallack’s journey of evolution and adaptability. It embodies not just the visual representation of the firm but also signifies its dedication to embracing modernity while staying true to its enduring commitment to excellence and client-centric values.

Old Logo

hw logo legal

New Logo

Hill Wallack new logo

In embracing this transformative rebranding, Hill Wallack not only redefines its visual identity but also reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the legal realm. This evolution of the logo symbolizes the firm’s proactive stance in embracing change, while upholding its time-honored tradition of legal excellence, trust, and unwavering commitment to its clientele.

Splendor and Hill Wallack’s collaborative journey toward this rebranding milestone serves as a testament to the power of creative synergy and the profound impact of a well-crafted visual identity in redefining a brand’s narrative.

With this resounding symbol of modernity and resilience, Hill Wallack strides confidently into the future, poised to continue its legacy of legal excellence while carving a path for innovation and success in the years to come.

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