December 10, 2016

Getting Started: Where Do I Begin?

As we engage with a new client on a project, there is quite a bit of ground to cover. Every client, situation and project is unique, but we generally follow a fairly standard routine to get things moving.

This can be either a telephone call or a meeting at our studio, and it usually lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. During this initial discussion, we briefly explain our philosophy about how, why and what we do.

We then ask you to do the same. We like to learn, in a nutshell, who you are, what it is you intend to do, and why you think you need our services. Once we understand your goals and challenges, we can begin to form a plan. This first discussion is at no cost to you.

Our introductory meeting is at no cost to you.

It is during this phase that we try to rough out some ballpark budgets to consider. If you have a range that you’re looking to work within, great! We can explain what we think we can accomplish for your proposed budget, as well as some alternatives and options. If you don’t have a budget range, that’s okay, too. Based on what you tell us, we can give you suggestions at varying investment levels. You then have some options to choose from.

By the end of a successful introductory consultation, we can usually determine if working with you is a good fit. If we are in agreement, we can then get things moving forward and enter into a contract. If you are still not sure, you may require further consultation. You may have questions about our services, about the nature of what we have proposed, or even how to formulate a sensible plan or assess your needs. Whatever your concerns, we can help.

Splendor’s new project surveys ask some important questions and help us make the most of our time when we meet.

I think I need some professional guidance…

If you need an overall assessment of your situation and someone to provide you guidance, we do offer a strategic consultation and analysis. This is a unique and effective process specifically for new clients who are looking for some direction. During this consultation, we will discuss your style, your challenges, your target audience and your vision. We’ll define goals and objectives and identify the various channels to explore during your program. Once your objectives are made clear, we evaluate your situation and formulate a recommended course of action.


Clients find this process very educational and highly beneficial, and typically gain insight into the following:

  • Your business goals
  • Your target audience
  • Your target action
  • Page outline
  • Design and marketing recommendations
  • Functionality recommendations
  • Elements critical to the success of your program, as well as things to avoid


This consultation is available at $250 per hour, and provides you with real-world guidance for your marketing. Whether we ultimately work together may be determined by a number of factors; however, you are able to take the knowledge gained during this consultation and use it to benefit your business or organization in your future endeavors.

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