February 26, 2014

How To Gain The Trust Of Customers

There are a handful of industries that illicit feelings of distrust and apprehension. Car mechanics can overcharge or invent parts to buy for your car. Home contractors who miraculously come up with a problem that’s going to cost you double in both time and money. Let’s not forget those evil website designers who overcharge for glorified arts and crafts. Customers see these professionals as wolves in sheeps’ clothing. Friendly and cuddly on the outside but ready to pounce at the first sign of weakness! These stereotypes are certainly not 100% accurate but can be very real concerns in the eyes of the consumer.



Website design has become one of these notorious industries, often times because an individual customer has had a bad experience with a web designer in the past. Do you know anyone who HASN’T had a bad experience with a website project? And customers sometimes don’t know what they’re paying for. They see a guy behind a computer just clicking away and they don’t understand the work and creativity that actually goes into what that person is doing.

The key to conquering these stereotypes and obstacles is to establish a rapport with the customer – gaining his or her confidence while conveying your credibility. So here are a few ways to gain the trust of potential clients and show them that you’re not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but rather a sheep in wolf’s clothing. While we’re at it let’s say, “Not using confusing and poorly written animal metaphors,” is #1 on the list.



Just be you – A customer can spot a phony from a mile away. If they think that even for a moment you’re not being genuine or authentic, they’ll take that as a sign of things to come in the rest of the working relationship. Be humble, listen carefully, and give thoughtful answers. Simply being yourself can work wonders. Unless you have a terrible personality – then best of luck to you.

Bring in backup – Potential clients want to see proof that you can do what you’re promising to do. Have your portfolio ready and a few former clients in your artillery who are willing to back you up with glowing testimonials. Clients will be able to see the quality of work you’re capable of, and if they don’t want to take your word on how incredibly awesome, talented and genius you are, let your satisfied customers do the talking for you.

Be a team player – All any customer really wants is to feel like you’re on their side. Making them feel like you’re on their team and that you’re willing to go to bat for them speaks volumes about the quality of service you offer. Let them know that their success is your success – That a win for them is a win for you. Building that camaraderie with your clients will not only get them to sign on with you, but also keep them loyal in the long run.

The web design universe is a shifting and rapidly evolving industry. To overcome the mishaps and a tarnished image that nearly two decades of web design has survived, try sticking to the basics: Good old fashioned service and a sincere interest in the success of your clients.

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