November 17, 2014

10 Things You Didn’t Know WordPress Could Do

Whether you’re a WordPress novice or a seasoned diehard, WordPress developers aim to make it not only expansive in its capabilities, but also manageable for the end user. There are literally thousands of features and plugins to choose from, and while this may seem overwhelming, they’re actually all intended to make things easier on you, the user.


WordPress Features


So if you’re a website designer, programmer, code writer, or blogger there are some pretty great WordPress plugins and features, that you probably didn’t know about, designed to make your life easier. Did we mention that they’re free?

Sitemap generation

These WordPress plugins not only create XML Sitemaps, but will also automatically submit them to Google each time you create or change a page. Google Support even states that, “In most cases, webmasters will benefit from Sitemap submission…” You hear that?! Google! Benefit!

Efficient page detours

With a very quick to install plugin, you can indicate when certain pages should be redirected to other pages. This is a huge time saver and space saver when it comes to avoiding duplicate content pages in multiple sections of the website.

Easy lightbox popups

There are several WordPress plugins that enable images to enlarge into a lightbox popup by default. This allows the user to view the image without having to navigate away from the current page.

Undo botched editing

We’ve all made changes to a page only to end up realizing it was better before. With WordPress’s revisions tool, you can go back in time to a previously edited version of a page – before you tinkered a little too much.

Page duplication

– This may be one of the most tedious tasks in website development. However, with certain plugins you can duplicate pages that you need to use repeatedly without having to copy and paste over, and over, and over….

Schedule blog posts

For many businesses, it’s more practical to create a few month’s worth of content at once than it is to write and manually post a new article once a week. WordPress allows you to load all of the content at once and then schedule each individual article to go public automatically on the date of your choosing.

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