October 26, 2012

Your Business and Social Networking

Social Networking isn’t just for “poking” old classmates anymore. Social Networking usefulness began to outweigh its sheer novelty right around the same time it became possible to find a job online. As a small business owner the ways in which Social Networking can help you with your small business are endless and we’re here to show you how to look past the “poking” and really see how social networking can help you grow your small business.




The old business rule of thumb “treat each customer as if they were the most important customer you’ve ever had” has been made all the more important by the availability to read, write and comment on online business reviews. Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart’s recent public Twitter bashing (shown right) of Time Warner Cable should serve as a warning to all business owners. There is good news here though – I promise!


Realtime Public Reviews

This may seem a little scary at first, but think of it this way – At the end of the day people like helping people. This means that if you’re doing a good job and people like you, they’re going to tell their friends about it – virally! You’ll start to see your business name pop up in Facebook news feeds, Twitter posts and Yelp business reviews – And last time we checked EVERYONE likes free press!


Realtime Public Complaints

Alright, yes, admittedly nobody likes to get a bad review. But what good would we be to you if we couldn’t find the silver lining here?! These reviews can serve as a free focus group for you! Rather than paying for a professional advertising firm to come in and survey clients on how they felt on a scale of 1-10 about your service, just go online – they’re telling you. In black and white. Use this information to better your business. Or even better – reach out to the complaining customer personally and ask what you can do to resolve the situation. I bet if they’re satisfied with your resolution their friends – along with the rest of the world wide web – will hear about it!


Give Your Business a Voice

By creating a Business Facebook page or Business Twitter account you’re opening the door to creating a personality for your business. By posting fun and relevant updates your business page will begin to gain a following. If you’re not sure what “voice” you’d like your business to have OR if Facebook and Twitter aren’t really your scene there’s more good news. There are professional website design companies like Splendor Design Group that offer specifically targeted Social Networking services. How easy is that?! Just tell them about your business and what you offer and they’ll take care of the rest – from Facebook and Twitter updates to keyword writing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Imagine that! Getting better search engine placement just because your business now has a Facebook presence.

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