May 16, 2018

Why Your Site Isn’t Generating More Leads (And How to Fix It).

The entire point of driving traffic to your website is to generate leads. However, that traffic is nearly useless if your site is lacking in certain areas.

Converting site visitors into leads offers a strong return on investment. The average business sees a 223 percent return on investment in conversion rate optimization tools. Fortunately, you can use many tools to generate more leads from your website visitors.

One of the best places to start is analyzing why your site isn’t already generating the leads you need. Once you figure out where your site might be lacking in lead generation, you can work to fix those issues.

Every little thing helps and can add up to success over time.

Here’s Several Reasons Why Your Site Isn’t Generating Leads (and How to Fix it)


1. Lack of Micro-Landing Pages

You’ve hear of a landing page, but have you considered micro-landing pages?

A micro-landing page pops up when the visitor does something that triggers the page. So, if the visitor hovers over the contact button, the micro-landing page might pop up and entice the visitor to take some sort of action.

2. No Toll-Free Number

When a site visitor lands on a page, one thing he or she looks for is whether there is easy to access contact information, which lends a sense of credibility to the site overall.

Around 51 percent of consumers say a lack of complete contact info turns them off a website. Adding a number so customers can contact you easily lends another element of trust to your website.


Rockler sells woodworking supplies and hardware. Because some of the equipment is a big investment, potential leads need to feel comfortable ordering from them.

They offer several ways to get in touch and include their toll-free number in big, bold text near the top of the page.

3. Ignoring Local Traffic

Don’t overlook the power of local traffic, even if your company is global in nature. When looking for local businesses, 80 percent of consumers begin their search online, typically on their smartphones. About 18 percent of those smartphone searches for local businesses lead to a purchase that same day.

Don’t overlook local users when planning your landing pages and lead generation methods.

4. Not Enough Useful Content

Internet browsers are often looking for something very specific. The keywords your site trends for and where your site visitors generate from can clue you into what these visitors most want to know more about.

One major mistake some website make is focusing only on selling to the customer and not on providing worthwhile content.


HydroWorx offers on-point information for those who visit their site. They seem to intrinsically understand their typical site visitor would be interested in topics such as how people are using the equipment and its rehabilitation advantages.

5. Not Enough Descriptive Detail

Put yourself in the shoes of a typical consumer. You are looking to make a purchase, but you aren’t quite sure about buying a product sight unseen.

One way you can combat this is to provide detailed product descriptions and photos that show the product from every angle. Consider using 360-degree videos to show a product off to its best advantage.

6. Missing User Testimonials

If a consumer has never done business with your company, she may be uncertain whether you are trustworthy or about the quality of your product.

Here is where user testimonials can come into play and provide some reassurance to the potential lead. When it comes to content, customer testimonials may be the most effective way to reach consumers, with an effectiveness rating of 89 percent.


ChowNow provides short quips as testimonials, but also engages with the use of testimonial videos. One of the keys to using testimonials is to figure out your unique selling proposition and choose the testimonials that highlight it. Note how ChowNow focuses on their pricing being better than what their competitors offer.

7. Only One Landing Page

People will land on your site or a variety of reasons. However, if you only have a single landing page, you might be missing out on those secondary leads who are looking for a product or service you offer that isn’t your main gig.

For example, let’s say you run a lawn care company, so your landing page is about mowing packages. However, John Doe needs someone who can keep the neighborhood entrance landscaping looking nice. If he only sees info on lawn mowing, he may not realize you offer this type of maintenance service as well.

Have a variety of landing pages based on keywords and other factors.

8. Not Mobile-Friendly

Did you know more than 75 percent of consumers now use their smartphones to access the Internet? About a quarter of the population uses smartphones exclusively for Internet surfing.

If your website isn’t mobile-responsive, you risk losing these site visitors. Lack of responsiveness can also impact how much traffic lands on your page in the first place.

rocket mortgage

Rocket Mortgage provides a simple website design that converts well for mobile devices. Because they are a newer mortgage company, they offer a variety of ways to access their offerings. .

This allows people from the millennial generation to easily access the site, but doesn’t rule out older consumers.

Generating More Leads

Your website is your best tool to turn traffic into leads. Many factors determine whether a site visitor will become a viable lead.

Start with the eight factors above and tweak your landing pages until they generate more leads, but we aware, even the color of a call to action button can impact your conversion rates.

Take time to conduct split testing, and your lead generation stats are certain to improve.

Does your business need a website that reflects the brand and helps generate leads? We can help. Learn more about us here.

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