May 21, 2012

Website Design for Verdi Spumante

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Verdi Spumante is a massively popular brand name of sparkling beverage. Splendor was recently commissioned by Carriage House Imports to design an all new website for Verdi. With features such as an online order system for personalized labels and a consumer level where-to-buy section, this new website serves as a real workhorse for Carriage House, and much more than a pretty showpiece for the brand.

The website design also features elegant and functional video pop-ups, recipes for the various flavors of Sparkletini, a news articles and press releases section, and a useful downloads section where marketers, distributors and retailers can access logos, P.O.P. materials, sell sheets and more.

What makes this website design even more powerful is that the entire website is driven by a content management system (CMS) that allows the client to update news articles, new downloadable files, page content, and importantly, retail locations in the where-to-buy section. The platform we chose for the CMS is WordPress; however, the actual implementation of WordPress for this project is highly customized to help simplify the process for our client.

CMS allows client to update “Where to Buy”:

CMS allows client to update "Where to Buy"

News article manager:

News article manager

Downloadable files manager:

Downloadable files manager

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