August 17, 2012

Don’t Make Grammatic, “Punctuation” Or Speling Erors. You’re Website Will Looze It’s “Creditability”!

If reading the title of this blog was as painful for you to read as it was for me to write then you may just be a grammar snob.

grammartshirt3Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a rigid English professor ready to flunk you for one misplaced semicolon or using “who” when you should have used “whom”. I mean, who really uses whom anymore anyway? Language is fluid and constantly evolving. What was grammatically unacceptable 5 years ago may now be considered standard. However, when it comes to basic grammar, spelling and punctuation when writing your personal website content it’s crucial to stick to the rules!

No matter how knowledgeable you may be in your area of expertise, if your website content is scattered with obvious grammatical errors your website, and you, will lose credibility. Especially if what you’re selling has anything to do with website content writing, messaging, website marketing or language.

Ask yourself this question. “What kind of traffic am I getting?”

Current Clients: You want your current clients to feel like it was a brilliant move to hire you over the competition. If they see less than brilliant writing within your website after they’ve hired you, they may begin to second guess their decision and doubt your abilities. After all, if you can’t even handle making your own website messaging presentable, how can they trust you with their website management? Next thing you know your customers will “forget” to call that friend who was in the market for your services, and you can forget about up-selling them on anything else you offer.

Potential Clients: Along the same lines as your current clients, potential clients will be looking for someone they can trust to make them look good. They know their business website will be a direct reflection of them and their services. If they look at your website page and it’s riddled with mistakes, all they’ll see is a partnership with you that’s riddled with mistakes.

Having said all this, it’s easy to make and then overlook simple errors. It’s always good to reread something a few times after you’ve written it. It can also be helpful to have someone else look over it. A fresh set of eyes never hurts! The extra few minutes you spend doing this now will save you in embarrassment or (worse!) lost revenue later.

There are books, articles and entire websites devoted to the topic of website design biggest “Dos and Don’ts”. Or, if you’re ready to hire a professional to handle your website design NJ and website content creation, Contact Splendor »

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